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About Us

Shenzhen IMREN Technology Co., Ltd. is a love commitment to electronic cigarette research, production, sales and service as one of professional electronic cigarette manufacturer, the company officially put into operation in 2012, the main products are disposable electronic cigarette, rechargeable electronic cigarette, as well as electronic cigarette accessories, such as: electronic cigarette battery component, atomizer, smoke oil, USB charging cable, car charger, adapter and other products. Bao Nova Technology Co., Ltd. has modern production workshop, production line and skilled technical personnel skills, Nissan electronic cigarette 2000.
Shenzhen IMREN Technology Co., Ltd. R & D strength, with a number of electronic cigarette industry experienced R & D engineers. Company uphold the "experiential marketing" business philosophy to "all-round customer experience" service model for the purpose, commitment to research new technologies, new processes and new products, and strive to make our every customer can feel respected , to be understood and to be considerate. Currently, Nova Bao Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved a breakthrough in high simulation tool and high-tech features such as
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